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Will Segar - Wide Experience in New York Real Estate Investment

A resident of Suffolk County, New York, Will Segar serves as the president and CEO of his self-named real estate investment consulting firm, founded after the financial crisis of 2008, Will Segar’s team devises creative strategies for restructuring distressed debts in cities around the nation. From his New York office, he draws on his additional experience as a homeowner, general contractor, appraiser, and broker.

After graduating from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with a BBA in finance, he joined a Netherlands-based lender, analyzing real estate markets and developing new customers. After that, he transferred to Chase Manhattan Bank to a role as second vice president, evaluating credit risks for institutional real estate investors.

His next position came at Lehman Brothers as a vice president. His responsibilities there included purchasing mortgages for conversion to debt securities and setting up new mortgages. In addition, he investigated ways to increase yields from loans.

Mr. Segar’s professional development includes a certification by the Appraisal Institute of Chicago. He has been licensed as a real estate broker since 1994. Outside of his profession, he was a Division I wrestler and coach.

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Will Segar
Northport, NY USA